Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Story

This is my very first blog and I feel like I'm soooooo behind in the blogging world! I'm super excited and looking forward to meeting a bunch of wonderful ladies!!!

My name is Carrie and I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I am a stay at home mom and I have 2 amazing children. I have a beautiful daughter, Myranda who just reached the teenage years. She is a amazing young girl, who makes me so proud!!! My adorable little guy, Noah just turned 6 and he's the sweetest little thing on earth!!! I have been happily married to a wonderful man who is the most inspiring person I have ever met!!! Why, you ask? Well, Ryan was born with a disability called "Quadrimembra Limb Deficiency". He was born with arms that only go to the elbows, he has no hands nor fingers, his legs are also much shorter than normal, and his feet are not like ours, he only has three toes. Ryan has never been able to walk and has been in a wheelchair is entire life. What makes him so amazing, is that he has NEVER let his disability...come in the way of life's everyday challenges! You would be surprise at all the things he can do! There's nothing in this world that stops him! He will figure out a way to do anything! You can read more about Ryan at his website...

I'm really excited to share my creations with you all! Feel free to drop in and say "Hi" anytime. Tomorrow, I'll be sure to start adding some of my work! Hope you all enjoy it!



Anonymous said...

You do Great Work and are very talented!! I have always told you that.
Great site by the way!!! LOOKS REALLY GOOD!!
Love the Lil Mermaid...well all of them actually.
Keep up the Good Work, you should be proud...!!

Love Ma

Anonymous said...

Just subscribed to your blog,can't wait to see more...susiestampr