Monday, September 1, 2008

My parents travel trailer!!!!

This is the new travel trailer my parents bought about a month ago. My parents have 2 travel trailers.....they bought this trailer to take down to leave there ALL year. They go to Florida for the winter months. And being that my father has been ill and not feeling well the past few years.....driving their other trailer down to Florida was becoming to hard for my dad. So they were so excited to get this new trailer and my dad has been working so hard on it.....getting it all fixed up and ready to go. Their plans were to drive it to down to Florida in the next few weeks!

This holiday weekend, my parents were up North in Michigan (not too far from home) camping with a bunch of their friends. Saturday or I should say Sunday morning around 2:30 am......both of my parents cell phones were ringing off the hook. They finally answered knowing that something was wrong. Their neighbor across the street from them called to tell them that a truck had crashed through their new trailer driving at a high rate speed (we were told over 85 miles an hour). It was a 19 year old kid and 2 friends were with him. They were down the street from my parents......breaking into cars and stealing things.......someone had caught them in the act and started to chase the kids by car. The driver of the truck (who hit the trailer) was driving so fast and had turn his head lights off.......the man chasing him ended up losing him.......the streets by my parents house are curvy..........the kid driving the truck was driving so fast......he 1st took down a street sign, 2 mailboxes which ended up in my parents yard.......then took down my parents telephone pole, then hit and went right through my parents trailer........the frame totally came off the trailer and was wrapped around the neighbors tree. It took the jaws of life to get the kid out of the truck (it was his parents car).......we are not sure of his condition......we hear that he has broken bones and brain injuries.

My dad ended up coming right home and arrived around 4 am and was in total shock. Everyone had left the seen, so he called the sheriffs department and they came back to the house to tell him everything that happened. My mom didn't come home, because my kids were with her. I didn't know what happened until I checked my email early yesterday morning. I got ready and headed right over to my parents house. I could not believe what I looked like a war zone.......the whole neighbor hood was poor dad didn't get any sleep.......I left and drove up north to pick my mom and kids dad wanted her home........she was in shock....she couldn't believe what she was seeing!

Last week my son stayed the night at my parents house and wanted to sleep in the new trailer with my mom and they were going to.......but he ended up falling asleep, so they just slept in the house. But they often sleep in the trailer and I am just so THANKFUL that they were not out there that night.

I feel so bad for my parents, as they were looking forward to getting the trailer down to Florida before the bad Michigan weather came.

I hope the kid driving the truck is ok, but once he gets better.......he NEEDS to pay the price for his actions and hopefully he'll learn a lesson from it!

Hope you all had a safe Labor Day weekend!



Kris Dickinson said...

Oh Carrie! I'm so sorry this happened but I'm so glad no one was in the trailer. When I first saw the pictures I thought a tornado had hit.

Make sure they file a claim against the responsible party. Hopefully they will get on it right away. It's definitely a total loss. (I used to adjust insurance claims). If not, they can always file under their own policy if they have one on the trailer but they'll have to pay their deductible.

If this gets adjusted quickly they can get a new trailer and get on their way as they planned.

((HUGS)) - Kris

Susie Dally said...

OMG! Carrie-this is unbelievable, thank goodness there was no loss of life. I am so sorry your parents have to deal with this. Hugs for everyone, Susie

Kathy said...

I am sorry for your parents lose of this trailer. How sad~ But thank goodmess they were not in it, as you said. When I saw this I assumed it was Gustav damage... I hope things settle down for your parents soon, what a stressful time.

Sweetina said...

My Goodness,Carrie~before i read the article i thought the damage was from a tornado.
That is so awful for your parents~especially your Dad. Pls give him a hug (from a stranger~i know.) and tell him he is in our prayers. Your Mom too.
I hope Insurance kicks in and they can purchase another~but he had put his heart in it. Bless him.
Thank goodness your son and the family weren't sleeping in there at the time.
The driver must be seriously injured. What a shame that he made the choices that he did on that night. I hope he has to pay restitution to your family.

Marg said...

oh Carrie this is just awful...i feel so sad for your poor Mum and Dad.... I wish for something really good to happen after this horrible time. As long as your Dads health is ok -that's whats important huh. All the best to your family
Marg (Australia)

Pearl said...

This is awful! I too thought it was a tornado. I'm so sorry this has happened to your parents how sad. Thank God all is alright.
On a lighter note, I wanted to tell you how beautiful your art work is. God Bless, Cindy

Jaqi said...

This is awful, I am so glad that no one was sleping in he trailer when this happened.
It never ceases to amaze me why kids do this sort of thing, they never seem to learn from situations like this.
I hope your father gets compensated for the trailer, what a shame their new trailer got trashed like this. Hope you get everthing sorted out without to much hassle. Take Care Jaqi