Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Meet Kaylee & Clara

I would like you to meet my 2 new "Blythe" girls.....Kaylee and Clara! A lot of you may not be familiar with Blythe dolls (I wasn't either...until I discovered them)....but you HAVE to go check out my "NEW" Blog and it tells you ALL about these addicting dolls......these dolls are collector there more for us "BIG GIRLS"! So head over to my new blog and learn more about them! And if any of you have one of these dolls......I would LOVE to know about them!

New Blog - "Blythe Beauties"

Hope all is well and have a BEAUTIFUL day!


Joyce said...

Love your little ladies. I also have two of these little darlings. You can find them here

Unknown said...

ohhh I want one! So cute!